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USA Only, work from home. Health and wellness, Wealth too...

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USA Only, work from home. Health and wellness, Wealth too... Empty USA Only, work from home. Health and wellness, Wealth too...

Post by Victor-Ott on Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:35 am

USA Only, work from home. Health and wellness, Wealth too... 6people%20with%20money
They all have an open mind and seen the vision at GBG. The true power of word of mouth advertising. With a great product like "GBG 10 in One" it is easy to just tell others all about it.
Just the same way you would tell them about a good book or a good movie, the only difference here with GBG is you get paid for it.

Before you can tell anybody about it you first must get your own. How can you tell others about a good book or movie if you have never read the book or seen the movie yourself, right.
The same thing applies here with GBG you must try GBG yourself before you can honestly tell others about it. This is just the way it works, my goal here is just tell you how simple this is and answer any question you have about GBG.

The first question I get is: HOW MUCH is this going to cost? That is a fair question, the answer comes in two parts.
1. Your Vitamins the "GBG 10 in One" is $19.95 plus shipping and handling, so about 30 bucks a month.
I look at this as a dollar a day, very affordable product.

2.The business part with web site and hosting your back office is free. All set up for you free, no other fee's or charges ever.
All you buy here is your own Vitamins that you use for yourself or your family. No upgrades or hidden fee's nothing like that here.

How you choose to market GBG is 100% up to you. Some do very well just telling other about it, some use e-mail or web sites, some just get business cards or flyers.
This is your business you are in control of that part.
As you tell more and more people about GBG you will quickly and easily find the break even point where you are making more than the cost of your product.
At that point you are being paid to take the best liquid mufti-vitamin in the world.

That part alone makes me want to tell everybody about GBG, but it keeps getting better and better as you go.
All the people you tell about GBG are going to do the same thing, tell others about it. Guess what, you get paid for that too.
I'm starting to get ahead of myself here.
First you need to see the GBG web site for yourself and get your product ordered.
Ordering your GBG 10 in One is your first step, that's why I say it more than one time here.
This is multi-level marketing (MLM) at it best, in this case (this system) you will see why it is a good deal to get your friends and family into your system soon after you start.
The way this is set up you will be helping them with their business as you build yours and the benefits of the best liquid multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is still the most important part.
The business part of this is about sales, however having a super product like GBG makes that part much easier.
Your web site does most of the sales work for you anyway, your work is to get people to look at your site.
You have two things happening, first you try GBG 10 in one for yourself, then if you like it (I think you will) recommend it to other people you think will like it as well.
Just remember to send them to your site to get it.

USA Only, work from home. Health and wellness, Wealth too... 10in1newformula190x220

Ok what is your Risk here with GBG?
I put it at Zero and here is why I say that.
People buy vitamins every day, that is a fact and I'll bet
none of them are as good as GBG is at this quality, price, or
guarantee. Not to mention the free business and web site store front.
So if you just purchased GBG 10 in One and never told anyone about it,
you would still just be buying vitamins you need for your health anyway. The point is
if you are going to buy vitamins get the best for the best price. GBG 10 in One is the best
product for your health at the best price. Even if you never made a dime you are still just getting
a great deal on the best liquid multi-vitamin and mineral supplement at any price.
This is what I'm talking about when I say that the product stands on it own, it's a great deal even without the business part.

Now you have my opinion about GBG it is time for you to go to the site, learn about the products and pay plan, then place your order.
You place your order on the GBG site not with me but on my GBG site at GBG. I never touch your money or card numbers or anything. You are paying GBG and then GBG pays me my part. You will get a site just like mine only it will have your name on it. That will be where you send your customers to, then GBG will pay you, after they purchase their GBG.
Your site will be all set up shortly after you place your order. Here is an idea, if you knew 4 people that would like to buy GBG from you and they went to your site and did that, you would earn enough to have paid for your first order and the shipping.
Just an idea, however it does remind me of a part of this business that I want to make clear to you from the start.
When we order GBG we are going to get it every month, this is called "auto ship" one bottle of "GBG 10 in One" will last one person one month.
A new bottle will be shipped to you each month and your card or account will be charged for it every month.
At first some people will think this is not a good thing but it is.
Here is why it is a good deal, each person you get as a GBG customer will do the same thing, why is that good? You will earn from the sale of GBG over and over from all the people you get in GBG and from the people they get in and on and on down 20 levels and there is no limit on how many you can add yourself.
Also for people like myself that would forget to reorder each month, mine just shows up right when I need it.
I look at it this way, I sure would not like to call thousands of people each month to remind them to re-order their product and I would not be happy if I lost my months commission because I forgot to re-order in time.
I would not want that to happen to anyone on my team.
Your purchase of at least one product is required to get paid from GBG.
You will see how it all works at my GBG site "Pay Plan" button.
GBG has more than one product, and you can change your product at any time as long as you have one per month all is good.
You will see links for the other product at the main GBG site.

This is a real business and your pay is based on products being sold, that is where the money comes from.
So if the sales are made automatically for you each month and more and more people are in your group each month, your checks get bigger each month, that is what it is all about.
Now that you know how and why you must also understand that this is not going to happen over night, it takes time.
It will be well worth your wait, but the sooner you get started the better it will be for you.
I'm not just talking about money, your health is the most important part.
What good is having money without your health? With GBG we can have both..."Priceless".

The opportunity is here with GBG. It's affordable, easy, and good for your health. A product that stands on its own, that is not overpriced, with a free business and the tools you need to make it happen for you and your family.

This is a business about helping others, by simply just telling them about GBG you are helping them.
The product helps with their health and the business part helps them with their wealth.
This makes for a good team environment where people help each other.
A good example of this is: after you or anyone joins from my site or a site that is on my team, our team will help them if they have a question or need help learning how to market or just ideas to help them with their GBG business.
Why do we do it? Other than it's just the right and good way to do business, it helps by making our team strong.
With a strong team and people helping each other we all benefit all the way down to the very last person.
Our help is free and most our ideas are free or very affordable.
Being a part of our team is easy and automatic when you get your GBG 10 in one here.
The key to this is asking and you can do that by phone, e-mail or Skype.
I prefer Skype myself here is my Skype ID: coolkom4u
Lets say you had a question about GBG and I was at a training meeting you could ask Paul, Paul is my GBG sponsor and he would be happy to help you any way he could.
This works well if you have a new customer and they ask you a question that you don't know about just yet, Paul or I would help them just the same, they are also on our team.
This reminds me of a saying from Zig Ziggler "You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want. " GBG is the way to do just that.
I think most everyone wants good health and more money, and right now I'm trying to help you do that.
Then you will be able to do the same with your GBG business.

At the top of this page I say how easy the GBG business is, that is true compared to other on or off line businesses.
However this does not mean you can just join GBG and sit back and do nothing, if you want to earn money with it.
It's a business, it's your business, and it will require work on your part, your work is to just get people to go to your site.
Sounds easy and it's not hard, but it is still work.
Let me see if I can sum up the whole GBG business in one sentence.
Go to my GBG site place your order, then send as many people as you can to your GBG site.
That's it, that's all you need to do, sending people to your site is your work.
This is where the help from our team and team site comes in handy. GBG is THE

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